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    Retreiving deleted scheduled task?



      Afternoon all,



      Does anyone know if it's possible to retreive a recently (accidently) deleted scheduled task? we're using version 8.6.1 and would be useful to know...






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          The only way to get a database entry back is to restore it from a database backup.  When you click delete, it is deleted from the database.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Aye - generally ANYTHING you delete is deleted in real-time out of the LANDesk database.


            We used to (but again, only for inventory scans) - many, many years ago - have a "flag"-system for inventories to be deleted when maintenance ran, but that's about the only thing (and this was true up to LDMS version 7, I think). Scheduled tasks + all related things were always "deleted on the spot" - so the only way you could get it back is by restoring a DB-backup (which is going to cause other problems).


            What exactly stands in the way of re-creating the task?


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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              This is most certainly off-topic and I apologise. I can't seem to find a solution anywhere and I'd appreciate any help.



              I've accidently deleted a scheduled task (create restore point) in windows task scheduler and I'm wondering how I can get it back. I tried making a new task, but I don't know where the programme to create a restore point is located, and I don't know anything about scripting.



              Once again, sorry this isnt about LANDesk. But if anyone can help, that'd be great