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    LDMS and ALM 4.0 integration


      Hi there,


      We are currently running LDMS 9.0 and are about to get ALM 4.0 installed and configured. 


      Can you tell me how ALM integrates with LDMS.   Is it as easy as just pointing ALM at the LDMS SQL db?   If so, thanks, that's I need to know.


      If not, in what way does ALM integrate with LDMS?


      Kind regards


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          Waldy Employee

          Hi Michael,

                           there are several sync packages setup in the product that import data from LDMS, they just require an ODBC data source pointing to the LDMS data base.  There are also various management and security suite workflow actions such as software deployment, vunerability patching e.t.c.  For those you will need to setup the connection to the server with a vaild LDMS logon.