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    Best method and Will it work question

    gilbertk Apprentice

      Greetings all,

      I'm currently in the process of thinking up a change to one of our processes, the idea will be to move the Incident from one status to another status if a set number of days have passed since the Incident entered that status.


      First up i thought of creating a preconsition with a calculation in it: Incident._WithCustomerCol._Createdon.AddDays(10) < DateTime.UtcNow followed by an automated action to move it the new status.


      So first up, would this method work? or would it come unstuck (the calculation is varified, but would it move the IPC as requested).


      If this didn't work, i was going to try having 2 schduled tasks, first with a calculation that does the above and sets a boolean flag. The second that pushes all incidents with a set flag through a certain point (or is that step not really needed?).


      So some advice would be great