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    Browsers and Buttons on Windows


      I have had a request to link LANDesk to the Active Directory. I already have a data connection set up to create/update my users


      When the Analyst updates the User window via the Incident; I would like to update the AD with this information.

      Any suggestions?


      Also, we are looking to set up a way for Analysts to reset the password through this window and auto-update AD too.


      I wonder if there is a way I could add a command to the window to take the Analyst to web application we are developing. This would take the UserID from LANDesk window.


      I have seen you can add buttons and web browsers to windows within Console (not Web-Access) but can't seem to get the browser working.

      Can someone point me where to find information on buttons or browsers within Console for V7.3


      I know MAP is available from V7.4; just wondered if this covered this functionality and whether was available to V7.3?


      Any help appreciated


      Many thanks

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          aparker Employee

          Hi Simone,


          I am going to presume you weren't able to come to any of the LANDesk days this year as we spent a session covering exactly this requirement and how you configure Service Desk and LPM to interact with AD. There are a few things to mention, but I would also suggest you look for a couple of articles I have written on community relating to this. Actually, also look for one that Stu has created around password reset. (he might put the links here if I ask nicely?).


          So, those things...


          First, it won't update directly. You will have to pass the updates and other requests to LPM and then it will happen. What I have seen from other customers is that they create an additional process that manages the user details update. The benefit of that is that you can also deliver that as part of sewlf service. A useful thing to remember here is that when you update AD, itn woiuld only normally be reflected back in Service Desk after the next import, but now you can update the usewr details as part of the process.


          Hope that points you in the right direction.



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            Hi, sounds promising.

            Thanks for your help. I'll look on community for password resets


            I'm not sure if I have LPM though; is this a solution with ServiceDesk or another module?

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              aparker Employee

              Sorry about that....


              I should have said that LPM is LANDesk Process Manager and that is what you would have been calling MAP. Just to be clear on that, it is an additional piece of software which comes from the LANDesk Management Suite side of the software suite, but is free to Service Desk customers to use for integration with AD etc.

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                Oh I meant to say, I didn't know about the LANDesk days either.

                Are these communicated through the Account Manager or available on Portal somewhere and just missing them


                I would like to attend any dates you may have scheduled for this year, if possible.

                I will contact our AM if need to liase with him direct


                Thanks for your help

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                  aparker Employee



                  Sad to say, but the last UK day is today in Edinburgh. There was a great deal of email and other communication about them. If you didn't get any of that then have a chat with your account manager to make sure you don't get missed again. What we will be doing through this year in holding a series of Spotlight On seminars which will cover a wide range of topics across all LANDesk products. Keep an eye on the web site and emails for dates and content.



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                    Stu McNeill Employee

                    As Andy asked so nicely here is my example on performing an ActiveDirectory password reset: Creating a fully automated Active Directory password reset from Service Desk.  It does require Service Desk 7.4 or higher but maybe its a reason to consider upgrading sooner rather than later.


                    I've also seen a process to update a user's personal details with a similar set up.  I know the customer that wrote that is a regular on the Community so maybe he'll pop in with some more information...


                    If you wanted to go down the route of launching your web-based tool take a look at the External Connections section of the Desktop Manager manual for an example of how to create a right-click menu item on a window to launch an application taking parameters (the example does a Google search).  I think the Desktop Manager component and the External Connections connector need to be licenced so you'll need to talk to your Account Manager to see if you can get those activated if they aren't already.


                    Hope that helps.

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                      Stu McNeill Employee

                      Oh but to clarify (thanks Andy!) the right-click menu solution is for Console only.