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    Reserved range or static IP addresses for PXE Representative?


      Is their such a thing or way?  Teo part question really, see below.


      Reason:  Windows 7 activation and Office 2010 activation.  Now, I realize at PXE time, this is pre-boot and you're probably wondering how I'm going to activate Windows 7 or Office, but I'm thinking that with a little scripting, I may be able to pull that IP and use it as a variable in my unattend.xml later on. (I'll worry about that part )


      There are about 5 or so URLs that Microsoft posts as being used for OS and Office activation.  Until I join the domain and authenticate I cannot reach these URLs.  I cannot authenticate because upon first boot after joining the domain, the logon message/legal notice appears.


      Once I image and use my advanced unattend.xml/ vbscript combo to join the domain, etc., our shop uses a logon message (logonmessagecaption and logonmessagetext).  No matter what I have tried so far (deleting them just after joining the domain and immediately before reboot, adding a custom vbs to RunOnce [which is too late in the process] and also adding the same custom script to the registry and file structure to emulate the local Group Policy Login/First Run script) - somehow the logon message is always back in the Group Policy section of the registry and back in place.


      Our security policy (people) will allow me to bypass the proxy server as local administrator to access these URLs as long as I can limit it to a range of IP addresses. (8 would be nice, 5 will do the trick).


      My other option, kind of going off on a different subject than PXE - DHCP is that I AM able to join the domain and do a log off and an auto-logon as an authenticated domain user, but logging on doesn't constitute as a first run command.  Nothing runs in RunOnce, Local Group Policy .  Until I log on as my OS Deployment "user", there is no HKCU or for this user (of course) so I cannot do it that way.  So, my other answer is how to get a script to run on first logon without knowing the SSID or anything about the OS Deployment user, since this account doesn't technically exist yet.  Again, if I put my script in HKLM... RunOnce that only runs after a reboot, not a login.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.