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    Write Once Window Attributes Don't Work in Self Service


      Hi all, excuse my ignorance, I am just starting out setting up self service in preparation for our upgrade from 7.3.2 to 7.5 so might just be doing/missing something stupid....


      Currently we have a number of request processes sitting within our change domain, so, we have now started re-creating them all in the request domain on our test box.  All was going well, until we went to request our new service as an end user and none of the attributes on our window displayed correctly, for example, an ordered list had no drop downs and a date attribute did not work.  All of our attributes on this initial logging widow are set to Write Once, so that users can not go in at a later date and change the original information provided.


      After much head scratching, and a small amount of swearing, we decided to change the attributes to Read/Write and this worked fine, but is obviously not acceptable in this instance.


      Has anyone else come accross this problem, and if so, is there any way around it...??




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          Hi Nic,


          I ran into a similar issues myself with Write-Once after upgrading to 7.5, mainly affecting only the webaccess /selfservice


          I contacted LANDesk regarding this because it was really buggy (it was wiping the "write once" data after saving!) and they suggested this:


          For each action, create two of the same window, one window with all "Read/Write" and the second window being "Read Only"


          *Setup the first window with "Read/Write" capabilities, this will be the intial window for each action

          *Setup the second window with "Read Only" capabilities, after saving this will be the window displayed that cannot be modified


          Next, setup a window view-rule:

          *Object State: NEW, display the window with "Read/Write" protection

          *Object State: UPDATE, display the window with "Read Only" protection




          Hopefully this helps!