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    Webaccess URL in 7.5 (instance installer)

    jdonneau Apprentice

      Hi, we would like to upgrade our customer to 7.5 however they want to keep the Webaccess URL (i.e. http://servername/Webaccess/wd) because this is used in browser bookmarks, interfaces etc.


      The 7.5 instance installer (or "Servicedesk Configuration Center") does not like it if i remove the instance name of the Webaccess application when creating it (i tried "Webaccess" instead of "instance.Webacess"), it freezes when i try to save.


      So instead i used the instance.Webaccess name and (manually) created an application "Webaccess" in IIS manager and pointed it to the physical path of "instance.Webaccess". This works (i.e. i can now use the original URL to access the 7.5 Webaccess) however i do not want to set this up in their production environment, not knowing this is a safe way to go ahead.


      Any experience on this? Is there a way to create the same URL using the instance installer?