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    7.5 Integrated Logon Issues


      I recently set up a test 7.5 environment (I love the installer).  I have been having issues with Integrated Logon.  I have an open case for this but checking to see if anyone found the answer yet.



      I enter the URL for WebDesk: https://ServerName/FrameworkName/wd/Logon/Logon.rails and I get a logon screen.  Right away I know this is wrong.  Using the same browser and 7.4, I am re-directed to the opening web page, no logon screen.  With 7.5 I get the logon screen, I enter my network username and password and am presented with an Explicit logon screen.  On this screen I use Pink for a username and Butterflies for the password and it brings up my main screen.  Obviously it doesn't care what I type in here.


      Both 7.4 and 7.5 are on Win 2008 R2 64 bit servers.  Both are using HTTPS although the same error occurs without SSL enabled.  The rights are exactly the same for both systems.  I have rebooted my server and my computer.  The TPS file shows Integratedonly.


      Certainly someone else has seen this.