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    LD Client and PGP Desktop


      Does anyone use LANDesk to manage devices encryped with PGP Desktop.  If so, could you tell me what version of LD and PGP Desktop you are using and if you encountered any problems.



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          We do. We're on LD 9 with PGP Desktop 9.10 and about to upgrade to PGP 10.


          We haven't ran into any major issues. The only thing that comes to mind is when using software distribution and chaining multiple dependency packages while requiring a reboot in between. Once the reboot happens, if the machine is PGP encrypted then it'll sit at the PGP screen until the user enters in their passphrase. There are some workaround to enter a one time passphrase on the reboot using some command line parameters but I rarely use that unless it's absolutely necessary. Another thing is if you bake the PGP software on your images then you'll need to run an executable from PGP to reseed the GUID once the image gets deployed.


          Other than that, all of our PGP upgrades have been sent through LDMS without a hitch.

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            ahe Expert

            Sorry for hijacking this old thread...


            Do you have some hints, tips, command lines, how to install PGB 10 Desktop in a silent mode with LD 9 SP3 on Windows 7 clients?





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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Can't answer the silent install piece, but just wanted to mention to anyone considering encryption that the LANDesk Data Encryption module differs from PGP and others by being data targeted rather than full disk encryption meaning that it doesn't interfere with desktop management because there is no requirement for the user to enter a password to allow the system to boot.


              Just thought it worthwhile mentioning.


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                ahe Expert

                Thanks for the hint, Mark,


                I know, but it's a decision (not by me) to use full harddisk encryption on all notebooks in future...


                Currently we've a bit problems with roll-out on W7 machines (XP seems working), because app is installed, but task didn't send a success.


                I think, it's the command line, we use, but I'm not sure. There are many changes in SWD between LD8.7 and LD9 SP2 and SP3...




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                  This is the command that I use to install it silently (I run it in a batch file when I image):


                  msiexec /i "PGP10.msi" /qn /norestart

                  PGPGuid.exe -s

                  (then prompt for a reboot)


                  The PGPGuide.exe file just removes the machine guid for PGP from the registry location of:

                  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE>PGP Corporation->PGP



                  One issue with PGP 10 and Outlook 2010, is that when the PGP service is running and a calendar appointment is sent then Outlook will freeze.

                  According to PGP support, a update will resolve the issue in a future release. We're still waiting for that release. In the meantime we're disabling the PGP services when Outlook is running. If a user needs to send or open encrypted emails then they need to start the PGP services on their own.


                  Hope this helps.

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                    ahe Expert

                    Thank you for your fast answer.


                    I'll check our parameters (we use a lot for this MSI...)


                    These are our parameters...(I added CR's to make it readable )

                    msiexec.exe /quiet ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress /i PGPDesktop_en-US_2599.msI 


                    Perhaps we've to add " PGP_INSTALL_DISABLESSOENROLL=0"...