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    Reopen action on Incident - attributes still read-only



      I've just amended a process to add a REOPEN action for a group of analysts.


      The REOPEN action that:


      • adds an assignment
      • checks the clock and starts if it is stopped
      • moves to a status called REOPENED
      • then offers 2 actions, one to CLOSE and one to 'CONTINUE TO IN PROGRESS'


      As neither of the 2 statuses above are closed-type statuses I would expect that the Incident window attributes automatically become editable at those statuses but I have to close and reopen the Incident record to edit these attributes,


      Is this as expected?


      We have a Change process which works similarly and the only difference is that it has a windowed 'CREATE TASK' action instead of the windowless 'CONTINUE TO IN PROGRESS'


      Many thanks in advance,