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    default category in the note window


      Hi there,


      we want to place a dropdown menue in the "note" window to set the type of note. E.g. we want to know if a note ist "additional information", a "question of a customer" or anything else.


      We allready created a specific window and all needed fields, but there is one more thing:


      Is it possible to set a default value for a dropdown menue? We don´t want the analysts to set this value for any new note but only for specific type of notes.

      Thanks for your help!



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          I have done this with the description field but I would guess you can also do it with drop downs. 


          Since I don't know how much of this you have done, some of the following you may have done already.  You created a collection for your Note and associated it to an object like Incident.  In the Object Designer, edit Incident, select the attribute for your collection, use the action "Manage Actions", create an Action, save all.  Now open your process and add the action item you created.  Double click on the action item and you will see your Window of the Note you created.  Make any changes you want and save.  If you just add the action item to a status point, you can't set up default settings.

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            Another alternative is to use the object design and find the incident/note object.  In there locate the category and change the default value to be the one you want.


            I'm not sure at what point this ability kicked in.  You can certainly do it in 7.5 but in earlier verisons you couldn't set default values for some types of attributes.  it's a very handy feature which also saves you having to write templates to default a drop down list in an incident.