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    Can Servicess be linked to a specific Configuration Item and a User


      We are still designing our CMDB, prior to launch. 


      We want to model the way that we offer Printer Support to our users, as follows:


      We offer the Printer Support Service, PSS to user U1 in connection with Printer P1:

      We can model this in LANDesk by linking U1 to the service PSS and to the Printer Configuration Item, P1.


      However, we also have user U2, who wants to buy the Printer Support Service for 7 printers, P2 through to P8.

      We can model this by linking U2 to 7 instances of the service PSS and then linking the 7 printer configuration items, P2 to P8 to the user U2.

      However, we then don't know which instance of the service is linked to each printer: is there a way to make this link within LDSD?


      Thanks in advance for all contributions.

      Mark Thornton

      University of Cambridge