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    Inbound Mail Incident Object Reference Error

    Darren.Bradshaw Expert

      We receive the above error when the inbound mail service try to process some (not all e-mails). 


      I have checked the users table and there is not a duplicate e-mail address from where the e-mail has come from as suggested in article Link to Community Article 3708


      The e-mail does not have a subject, but we use a template and have set the Title Field of the incident to "Created from Inbound Mail" as suggested in article Link to Community Article 3778.


      We are also getting these error in the event log for Inbound Mail Service

      "Attempt to create file attachment with a missing file argument. To create a file attachment you must provide the full path name for an existing file." - There was no attachment

      "Could Not Find Process for Subject"



      Anybody any ideas?