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    When is _BeginProdDef inside invdelta.dat used?



      We are using v8.7sp3, and accordingly it is not possible to delete auto prod defn (if I have remembered correctly). However, playing around with our dev DB this morning using the client console, I somehow deleted one of them. Not sure how I did it though; I was moving it to "Ignored", "Custom" and adding an exe to it so that it also showed up in "Monitored Products". I think it disappeared when I deleted the exe from monitored products (but not sure).



      Anyway, now that it has disappeared from the auto discovery list, I've been trying to get it back, with no luck. I've uninstalled/installed the SW on the client device several times, and at each stage, I forcibly run a full sync inventory scan to update the DB, wait a few minutes, and check the auto discovery list. I was expecting it to show up again, but it hasn't.



      I've noticed that there is a _BeginProdDef section (terminated by _EndContents) in the invdelta.dat file. In all my attempts, this has remained empty, so I was wondering, when is this section used?









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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          OK - a couple of things.


          1 - Generally, it's best NOT to try and delete Auto-discovered items. They're spread through the DB in a few places, and you need to be VERY careful if you're trying to get at them in the DB.


          2 - If you used "just the console" then you can't have deleted the auto-discovered product. At best you may have put it in "to be ignored", but that's about it.


          You can only delete "custom products" (that is - ones you've created by hand).


          3 - PROBABLY what you did is disabled Automatic Product Discovery scanning. This is a setting for the Inventory Service. To check, do this...


          3.1 - Open the 32-bit Console up on the Core (must be the Core).

          3.2 - Go to CONFIGURE -> SERVICES

          3.3 - Go to the INVENTORY-tab

          3.4 - Click on the "ADVANCED SETTINGS..."-button.

          3.5 - Find a setting called "Send Product Definitions" - not it's value.


          If it's "0" this means that this setting is DISABLED. No computer will send in auto-discovered products.

          if it's "1" this means that this setting is ENABLED - devices will send in auto-discovered products.


          You possibly need to enable it.


          4 - In Software License Monitoring, check your "to be ignored" section. If you marked the software as "to be ignored" you need to change it into "to be scanned" to scan for it.


          5 - Finally, update your LDAPPL3 to include the new information, by clicking the "MAKE AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS"-button in the SLM tool.


          6 - Run an inventory scan on your test-client with the following additional parameters - "/F /SYNC".


          "/F" - forces a software scan.

          "/SYNC" - forces a full synchronisation scan.


          You CAN also add

          "/PD" - this forces an automatic product discovery scan to run.


          See how far this this gets you, and we'll go from there.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Hmm, still no luck. Thanks for the input though.



            I should have mentioned that I don't have access to the servers or DBs; just the client console. And yet, the auto prod defn seems to have disappeared. It's not in custom, auto, or ignored. Moreover, the one exe file for this app doesn't show up in 'to be scanned', 'dispo' list, or any of the 3 views. My intention on trying to delete the auto prod defn was to find out if I did delete it, if it would come back. Apparently not. Thus, I was using a test dev env to practice before moving to the prod env. I'm responsible for trying to figure out how to best manage all our licenses and to do that I was trying to figure out exactly how SLM works. But the student manual I have is too high level.



            I use the /f /sync every time, and the addition of /pd has changed nothing. Perhaps it's a communication faux pas? These are the command line switches I'm using. I try to get the ldappl3.ini from the prod server, and update the dev server. The one app that I want SLM to recognize is installed in Program_Files.



            LDISCN32.EXE /sync /pd /V /F /I=HTTP://LANDesk/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz /d="%systemdrive%\Program_Files" /NTT=LANDeskDev:5007 /S=LANDeskDev



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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Things I see:


              On the one hand you say:



              on the other, you say

              /NTT=LANDeskDev:5007 /S=LANDeskDev


              This is the Prod/Dev servers, I take it.


              Just to make sure - check whether your client actually gets his LDAPPL3 (and it matches the one you're trying to grab).


              Also - any particular reason you're using the "/d=" parameter (just making sure - you DO want to start scanning only in a certain directory) ... and I'm not sure this actually exists - "%systemdrive%\Program_Files" ... what's with the underline in between? Try it without /D ... keep it simple for now - see how that works first of all? :).


              Also - if in doubt, you CAN just add the "/O=output" switch, so something like


              ldiscn32 /f /sync /o=c:\output.txt


              would create an output of the scan on C:\ - it may be a start if you create an output and manually shove it into LDSCAN - it'll give you a clearer indication on where you're having problems potentially? :).


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                I'm starting to think it might be a client refresh problem. I created a custom prod, new file to be scanned, published it, and my computer node still doesn't show up after doing a scan. Moreover, the custom prod defn I created doesn't show up when I search for it in the top level "All" under prod defn; only when searching under the custom tree. I think I'll have to talk with the server admins and get them to create a new test DB for me so that I can figure out how the server behaves in each situation. (They don't share the LDSCAN folder so I can't push the server to update; I have to wait for it.)



                Thanks for all the input though. Do you have an answer to my orignal question about the _BeginProdDef section?



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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  It's the section where - if you'd send automatically discovered product's Product Definitions - Product Definitions are starting/ending in the scan-file.


                  It's just a "section marker" for the Inventory Service really.


                  Paul Hoffmann

                  LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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