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    Please help!


      I need to create a custom report, sorted by Device name, and have the following fields listed below each machine:

      Device name from inventory as Heading,

      Login name,

      Serial number,

      OS installed,

      Physical HDD size,

      Physical memory size,

      Physical proccessor speed,

      All printers installed on machine,

      and all software listed under add/remove hardware from inventory for each machine under the heading.


      I need to export the raw data to CSV or MSExcell without page numbers, headers, footers, etc.


      I manage to create a report but all data is repeated for each machine the number of times equal to software titles and printer names.


      I would prefer to get the information as raw csv data that can be imported to MS Excell and from there I can populate my client base with the data needed to satisfy the requirements from management.



      This is urgent, so if anybody has any ideas, I am listening and willing to try and report back on success / failure.




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          The reason why you get one line per printer/software name is that these are many to one items and this is the only real way to export the data, there isn't a standard way to export with each of these items on a single line. This is easy with one to one items like CPU etc. What are you trying to put this into and how does management expect to use it? In excel you can easily filter this so that you can see each unique entry for a printer or a piece of software. I always find it easiest to work back from what management need to use this for rather than what they say they want because often that doesn't take into account data structures and even if you gave them what they wanted they would find it useless. If this needs to be imported into another system, then there will need to be some translation work.


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