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    Query data not exporting


      I apologize if this is answered elsewhere and I couldn't find it.  After 1 hour of searching, I figured it was time to ask...


      Using LDSD 7.3, I am trying to run a simple query on Incidents and want to include the creation date and the resolved date.  Every time I add the resolved date field, it adds it to the bottom of the interactive screen and does not show up on the export to CSV/Excel. 


      How can I get this into the top of the screen and into the query export?  What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Chris


          I suspect this is because the resolved date is actually on a collection object, as you can have multiple resolutions to an incident, if it has been reopened.  One thing you could do (if the resolution is the final action that happens on an incident and it isn't touched after that) would be use the "Last Update Date" attribute, as this is not a collection attribute and will appear in your export.


          The other option would be to create a new date attribute on the incident object which you also update with the current date when the Resolve action is selected.





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            The reason this displays at the bottom is, as stated by Paul, because Resolutions is a collection on Incident. In addition to Paul's ideas, there are two ways you could display this information:


            1. Base the query on the resolution object instead of the Incident object. Of course, this with throw multiple records for a single incident if there are multiple resolutions OR
            2. Create a calculated attribute on Incident to return the latest Resolution creation date


            I can't remember if calculations were available in 7.3 or not, but if they are then this is the best solution.




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              Excellent, thanks for the info (both of you)!