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    Change the attribute name in the criteria




           I’m creating a query for the analysts, they want to query for several items, an end user, a created date, assigned to and so on.  I created the criteria with the "Or" relationships so they can select what they need.  I’d like to change the attribute name in the criteria to a common name to make it easier to use.  Rather than them seeing Configuration Item.Config Item, I’d like this to be Asset. Is this possible?



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          Depending on what version you have, I think in one of the current versions, there is a bug I pointed out to Stu.


          We still have 7.4, you can go to your Criteria and modify it by putting a Description in.  Like I did here with the word Computer:




          Then when your grid prompt comes up, it looks like this:


          The Bug was it wasn't showomg the Description in the non-grid prompt.