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    Microsoft OS Naming Convention Change

    rickorhino Apprentice

      It appears that Microsoft has changed its naming convention on their OS's. They have dropped the name Microsoft in front and standarized the version and bit information. This is to align with Windows 8 naming convention.




      Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition, 32-bit




      Windows 7 Professional 32


      This has really thrown a wrench into previous written queries and reports. We are in the process now of normalizing with Data Analytics and contacting Microsoft on when this change was made.

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          JSMCPN Expert

          Looks to me at first glance like Data Analytics is performing the OS name normalization.  One of the normalization rules performs the exact transformation you posted in the before/after.



          This is how Windows 8 appears in Inventory without normalization:



          Here is the OS normalization rule.  It is set to Active so it will perform normalization against incoming inventory scans.




          Windows 8 OS name after normalization: