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    Query incidents resolved by technician query



      Is it possible to produce a list of incidents resolved per week by technicians, for the period 01/01/12 to the Sunday prior to running the report query and the same again for service requests?


      Please see the below as an example:






      Technician 2



      This what I have so far using the Resolution Object to base the query off.


      Using the the following:


      -Resolution.Creation Date (going to use this in critera between date1 and date2)

      -Incident.Reference Number (use as a count)


      Need to filter by a group.

      And dislay person (technician) name and the count of resolved incidents.

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          smiddleton Expert

          Hi Adrian,


          Don't think you can achieve this with a query, however it would certainly be possible with a Crystal Report.


          You would probably want to pull all the records for a date range and the group of analysts your interested in (can be parameters when running the report) then use a cross tab report to display the information.


          You might have to use some crystal calculations in order to get the week number of a resolution date to use in the cross tab.

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            Thanks you smiddleton you advise was really good.


            I ended up creating a query that was based on the resolution create data using parameter to filter, grouped by analyst and filter on incidents and services requests (two separate querys for incidents and SR) in LANDesk as a work around.


            You are absolutely right, in order to achieve the wk1, wk2, and the count, crosstab look and feel would need to implement in a crystal report.