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    Self service & Complex lists

    Mariusz.Maniak Expert



      Can I have a complex list on Self Service? I found some posts, but all a bit outdated... I'm using SD v.7.5 SP1


      I've checked all options on drop down list on my window, turned on and off filters on bussines object, but only effect is - CI's are limited to company...

      I would like to search CI's list by model, asset tag and serial, so prepared query, added this query to query/filter on drop down list, marked complex list as true, and no matter if filters selectors on bussines object are empty, or my query is there - my drop down is simple drop down list...


      Any ideas?

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          Haven't used complex lists in SelfService but I'd assume it'll be the same as in WebDesk where you need to set a report template on the Business Object. 


          So for example, Raise User on the System.User object in the properties I'd select Templates - Output Attributes and you select what attributes you want to show, then on your window on the properties of the RaiseUser attribute I'd set Attribute Template to be whatever I've called the template I created.  You just need to do this on the CI


          Just shout if you want some screenshots posted up.



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            Mariusz.Maniak Expert

            Thanks Helen,


            Is better, but not yet what I need

            SS1.jpg is after implementing your solution, SS2.jpg is what I need (it is taken from designer manual, and it is console window example)

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              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

              I don't think complex lists as you see them in Console are available yet within self Service.  You would need to use report templates to my knowledge as the complex list function isn't in Web (at least not from what I have seen and tried).

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                As Jamie says that functionality isn't there.  With the report templates you can still get the same info it's just that it displays it differently (that's certainly all I've noticed), with the info all underneath instead of horizontally across.



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                  Mariusz.Maniak Expert

                  Helen, Jamie,


                  Thanks for yours responses, but I don't like it

                  In posts http://community.landesk.com/support/message/51740#51740 or http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6585 Karen and Stu explain similar case with remark that lists are searchable... Could be that complex lists were serchable in versions before 7.5?

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                    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                    7.5 should hold the same functionality as previous versions.  You could try what the document says here: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6585 although it's just a type of workaround as it's not the same complex list funtionality as Console.


                    Replicate Complex List Behaviour

                    WebDesk cannot display drop-down lists as 'Complex Lists' the way that Console and Service Portal can.  To get around this, a property has been added to Object Designer called 'Output Attributes'.  This Property allows the User to specify a series of attributes to display along with the Title attribute of the object when it is dropped-down in Web Desk.  These attributes are searchable, just like if they were displayed in the Complex List format.  After creating a new template within Object Designer you will also need to select this template on the window itself against your attribute.  Here is an example for the Impact drop down:


                    1. In object designer select Incident management - Incident - Impact.
                    2. Under the object properties - templates - output templates give your template a name and then specify the attributes that you want to be searchable.  You might want to differentiate between them with different colours or font styles.
                    3. Then go into window manager select your Incident management - Incident window that you have published for Web Desk.
                    4. Select the Impact attribute and look at the properties.
                    5. Select your new template under the Attribute Template and then save your window.


                    This will be your result (or something similar):




                    It's not just like the Console, but it is an alternative and you can give the sub items a different color to help them stand out a bit better.


                    Good Luck,

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