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    hard link migration


      Does LanDesk 9.x support USMT 4.x with hard-link migration for zero-touch O/S deployments, specfically XP to W7?

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          Hard linking appears to be something that can only be used if you intend to perform an OS upgrade as opposed to re-imaging. I'm not sure if OS upgrading is possible through LANDesk or not. You'd have to look around in the forums for such a topic. Generally, the method of OS replacement through LANDesk seems to be the imaging route. This would not work with hard linking, since hard linking would require that the content of the hard drive survive. Imaging pretty much wipes out whatever is on the partitions that are involved. Its possible to image only specific partitions, but the hard linking would only possibly work with the partitions not involved. Since user profiles are generally in the same partition as the OS itself, this would not really be much use to you.