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    MDM Portal from iPad : Unable to locate your server

    jpozucek Apprentice

      Up  until last week I was able to publish items to the portal and see them on the iPad.  Now whenever I try to enter credentials in the LANDesk Portal app I get a message: "Please check you settings. Unable to locate your server." 


      I went through all the troubleshooting FAQ's, all Features are enabled.  Rights have been granted to the launchpad.cloud directory.  Users have been assigned to the Portal catalogues but I still get the message.  LInks that were working no longer do. 


      I deleted and reinstalled the app several times.  In the settings section the correct server names gets entered and I can get to the site by manually entering the URL in a browser on the iPad.


      Can't understand why this would just stop working out of the blue.


      Any help greatly appreciated.