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      I am setting up LDMS 9.5 Test bed


      I just updated my LDAPPL3.Template with 200+ registry keys I would like to capture in the DB.


      Once I saved the file and refreshed the view in Managed Software List I see most (175) of the items that I had in the LDAPPL3.Template

      This needs to explained that there is a limit if there is one.... I havent found anything that explains this limit per LDAPPL3.Template injest transaction...


      When I go back to the LDAPPL3.template after the refresh I see the data has been removed from the file.... I have to add it again... another frustation I didnt expect to lose the data I had in there... just stating my experience
      I did find it in the .BAK file so I was able to get the remaining missing items by performing a separate edite of the LDAPPL3.Template and refreshing the Registry in Managed Software List.


      Once I did that I was able to see all the items and then "Make Avaialable To Clients"


      Once I ran inventories on my cleints I found another minor issue i the way the LANDesk Database Attribute Name is parsed

      Seems you cannot have any "-" or "."  (hyphen or periods) in the Landesk Database Attribute Name or it will make sub folders under each item

      Registry data in the LDAPPL3.template Is organised as

      KEY=hkeyname, key, value, LANDesk Database Attribute Name


      So at the end of this I have 2 Questions

      Can you have "-" or "."  hyphen or periods in the Landesk Database Attribute Name? without LDMS parsing it to another folder

      Is there actually limits as I discovered above or was it some function of my configuration?