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    Import one-to-many data from external db



      is it possible (with DTS) to write a rule to import multiple rows from a db table into LDMS inventory for each device?


      Consider a table that contains event logs for managed workstations:



      devicestart date/timeeventstatus
      wks12013-04-08 01:00:00 amevent 1ok
      wks22013-04-08 01:30:00 amevent 1error
      wks1 2013-04-07 01:00:00 amevent 2error


      I'd like to have in WKS1 inventory something like:



         - Events

            - 2013-04-07 01:00:00 am

               - event type: event 2

               - status: error

            -2013-04-08 01:00:00 am

              - event type: event 1

              - status: ok



      and so on.


      can anyone halp me?


      thanks a bunch