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    Service Catalogue and object creation for product purchases on Self Service

    jasoncadman Expert

      Hi All


      Just thought that I'd throw this one out to the group for a bit of advice.


      Problem: Where to create the object in the Configuration Management module that would contain the products that I want to sell via the Service Catalogue?


      I already have object for printers, computers, switches etc that I use to contain individual instances of managed CIs. I have a list of services in my Service object and I am publishing a selection of these as Business Services into the Service Catalogue.


      I'm thinking that i either:


      1) Add the products to the Service object with any additional attributes required

      2) create a selection of new objects under the Configuration Item object that have the correct attributes for that product type


      I suppose that it's really to do with the amount of detail that I want to show for those products and how different that it is from each type. It irks me a bit that i have objects for all of these item types already that I can't use.


      Any advice gratefully received



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          jasoncadman Expert

          I think that this goes some way towards explainng it and is seems more like what works best for the individual rather than any right or wrong




          I guess that it doesn't matter so much as you can ony show the same information for each item in the service catalogue anyway as there is only one report template so it's probably best to just keep it simple.


          The complexity is introduced when you start wanting to upgrade certain bits of say, a PC e.g. more memory / bigger hard drive etc as you would need a different CI for each configuration possibilty


          I'm going to try a Requestable Product object and see how that works out


          Still wouldn't mind your thuoghts though guys and gals