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    The file 'AvaInit' cannot be opened




      We have experienced a number of devices with several customers where we are finding that we cannot connect to devices.  When speaking to the clients, they have told us that a pop up has come on the screen saying:


      The file 'AvaInit' cannot be opened.  Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found.  If the problem persists, try reinstalling this file.


      From our perspective, the units have not been modified in any way and it appears to happen to random units and there does not appear to be any pattern to this.


      We are wondering if this issue has been reported in the past and if anyone knows of any reasons for this file to either suddenly not work anymore or disappear of a device please.


      Due to this file not bieng on the unit, it is not possible for us to remote control onto the units so we cannot fix the issue unless the unit is sent back to us for repair.  The devices in question as Motorola MC75, MC75A and MC65 and also Intermec CN50.  The devices are running on both WM6.1 and WE6.5


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