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    Dashboard Publishing


      I created a Dashboard in dashboard designer of console, and published it to a role, GB Analyst.  Made this dashboard available in WebDesk.  I then added this dashboard as a component of a shortcut group that is available to all in the analyst role for WebDesk.


      I would have expected only the GB Analysts that were also Analysts would see the new dashboard however all analysts can see this dashboard.


      Am I doing something wrong or does the published shortcut groups override who the dashboard was published too?

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          I believe that when you publish this dashboard as a System Shortcut within WebDesk, it makes it available to anyone who has access to that specific shortcut section.


          An easier way to do this may be to set up a shortcut group and apply the permissions on that and add that dashboard shortcut there.  There may be a way to hide that from specific groups using a SQL script, but I am not aware of a script available that will accomplish that.


          It might be worth a call to support to see if they have encountered this before and if there is a way around it.

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            Thanks Jamie, I will contact support see have they got a solution.  I will post here if I get one.