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    Designing and Saving ad-hoc Queries

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      Hi All


      We currently have a number of our Managers wanting to create there own queries and save them on a ad-hoc basis. We are now on 7.6 but in previous version we have always been advised that there is a huge performance hit when saving the querires. Is this still the same and does anybody have an explanation of why this affects everybody during the save phase.




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          It's not so much of a performance hit that you get, but large amounts of locking/checking which essentially can cause the system to freeze up.  Still, this is better than it used to be when such checks were not in place and saving a query could corrupt things.


          I'd look at teaching people to use the light weight query designer in webaccess.  This is much simpler to teach than Query Designer, doesn't suffer from the same issues and often gives people the type of functionality they need.