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    Imaging over a WAN


      Does anyone do any remote imaging as it were.


      We have a number of sites, and generally when a machine goes down, we take another machine over and swap it out, but in order to save engineer time we want to be able to image remotly.


      Doing over the WAN itself is obviously a no go as would take forever, so were looking at putting the image out there onto a specific machine and making it PXE rep etc.


      Is there also any best way of getting the image file to the machine, i guess using software distruption tools is the best option.


      Just wondering if anyone else does this, and perhaps does it in a better method?

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          You'll need at least 9.0 SP3 (or 9.5). You will either have to make the system you're imaging from a preffered target or figure out what drivers you need placed in the image manually. Your choices for how to get it out there are LANDesk's copy content, Microsoft Synctoy, or FreeFileSync.


          If you use 9.0 SP3 you'll need to read this http://community.landesk.com/support/message/72616#72616

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            We have preferred servers set up at four remote sites (these sites have at least one onsite IT employee).


            I set up a desltop at each and installed the PXE Rep on them, then I configured them as preferred servers with two sources: drivers and images.  These sources are replicated whenever I initiate it (eg when a change is made to them).  This way all the content is copied locally instead of going out across the WAN.  For OSD images it takes less than 10 minutes.  For end-to-end provisioning templates it takes about 1 1/2 hours.  If I spend some time tweaking the process and adding a source for packages (and replicating it) I can probably cut this down to about 40 minutes.


            For branches that don't have onsite IT we image the machine before shipping it.