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    Add a link to a file/folder to the self service page


      I though this would be simple. I created a new links gadget named 'Tutorials', under this gadget i created a new URL link named 'End user documentation', the link i set to file://someserver/Enduserdocumentation.pdf


      When i click the link, it opens a new IE tab but the tab is blank. So i tried the UNC instead \\someserver\enduserdocumentation.pdf and that didnt work either. Also tested with the 'content' gadget. Note, the files i wanted to link to are not on the IIS server that LDSD lives on.


      Are these kinds of links supported ? does the documentation i want to link to have to live on the same server ? I have a couple of tutorial videos for the end users to review, it would be nice to have them linked here for go live next week.