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    Cannot assign drivers in HII / blue screen trap after imaging with SP1


      When we open up the Assign tool in 9.5 SP1, the device tree window is blank for all of our desktops (various HP models), except one (see attachments). All of our other systems are Windows 7 professional 64-bit. The model that shows is running Windows XP, 32-bit. A look at the inventory for a particular Windows 7 64-bit model shows an accurate hardware inventory. Any ideas? We ran into this as SP1 seems to have introduced a problem with our imaging. Imaging our machines worked fine under 9.5, but with SP1 any Windows 7 machine we image blue screen traps on boot. Booting in safe mode shows that it gets to disk.sys and the traps with BSD. We assume it is getting the wrong disk driver, but cannot force the selection due to the problem above.