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    Landesk 9.5: "My computer" hangs after installation of LDAV




      We've a problem with Landesk 9.5 on serveral XP Clients:

      After rollout of the LD 9.5 Agent, on some XP Clients (in sum 650 Clients, 200 of them are XP) the Explorer.exe hangs after doublclick on "My Computer" on Desktop.

      We've found that this is an Kaspersky KIS 8.0 problem and Update (a.b.c.d) should fix this - but the problem still exists also with this version.


      Clients are Dell Optiplex with DualCore and 2GB RAM, Windows XP SP3 german

      It seems that not all XP clients are affected! (we are not sure about this)

      Multiple reboots doesn't change anything on this problem.

      Kaspersky-Patch "patch_pf82" does not help too!


      Any ideas?


      Kind regards,