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    Need help with templates..


      I have a OSD deployment question.. Provisioning templates keep locking when created.. Please see attached...

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          This is typical. You can do one of two things.


          1) Make the default provisioning template locked by using one of the ones that are already locked - this will also make the "loading template # out of 40" screen a lot quicker.

          2) There's a link out there to "delete" them after a while - http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-563in


          We do #2 in a SQL job during maintenance.

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            ggrassart Apprentice


            I confirm jrriper,

            When you deploy a template, landesk Will copy your template, ,locked it and use it. (It´s seem, he Will become public.to confirm..)

            It´s preconized to use a "locked template" else you Will aways have new locked template on provisionning.



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              If I remember correctly the thinking behind the cloned template (and locking it against modifications) was two-fold:


              1. To ensure that the template is not modified while being used to protect against currupted deployments


              2. The unlocked template is a "development" template and was not meant for mass deployment, but the locked clone is considered the "gold" template and is supposed to be used until you change the dev template and create a new gold from it.