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    Software Report by PC


      I am trying to generate a software report for a specific sigle or group of pc's grouped by device & sorted by software name.

      I've seen a lot of discussion threads for similar reports but they don't seem to be working out for exactly what I need.  does anyone have a report already built that can be posted that will do this, or can you provide steps to get at this info?


      Looking for Device Name, Software Name, Publisher & Version on the report.



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          OK so I have gotten this far with Query text:


          SELECT DISTINCT A0.DISPLAYNAME AS "Device Name", A1.SUITENAME AS "Name", A1.PUBLISHER AS "Publisher", A1.VERSION AS "Version"  FROM Computer A0 (nolock) LEFT OUTER JOIN AppSoftwareSuites A1 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A1.Computer_Idn  WHERE (A1.SUITENAME IS NOT NULL AND A0.DEVICENAME = N'MYPCNAME')   ORDER BY  A0.DISPLAYNAME


          Where MYPCNAME is the device that I want to pull the software list for.

          I'd like to make this interactive by adding a parameter to select the pc name(s) from a list & also add grouping by pc name.


          I tried following the docs to add parameters but keep running into errors with the query text.  I'm on 9.5 - is anyone able to assist with this? 



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            There's some standard reports, did you try these ??





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              yes - thanks - actually I found that while I was working over the weekend & modified it a bit to the format I want.  Only question now is how do I set it so that it resets the selections when it is launched?


              I am able to change the "Select by" drop-down to another option (query, scope, etc) then back to by PC name to do this, but I'd rather have it have none selected at startup & not have to tell people to do this each time.