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    7.4 Email Query Report


      When we automatically schedule a query report to be delivered via email the HTML file is Collapsed as much as possible in IE our default browser.  Is there any way to make it use all available space?  It appears to be in the way the IE is interpreting the generated HTML or CSS template...  I have included examples of the report from IE and Chrome, ideally IE would display similarly to Chrome. IE is a mandatory default browser based on some older application that we use and have support requirements surrounding it.  Any help would be much appreciated.




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          I have never liked the reports that come out of e-mail.  Your example is typical of what I see as well.  We got around the issue by using Crystal Reports Server.  Takes some getting used to but it automates several reports for us and sends out PDF files which look awesome.  We get the exact formatting we want but with all the headaches of Crystal Reports.  In the end, the reports went to high level people and getting high quality output was more important than the effort I went through.