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    ImageX and Provisioning Template


      I am trying to using ImageX in a Provisioning Template and it seems that when the template runs it dosn't know where to find imagex.exe (you don't set a path to the imaging executable in the template, you just select it from the drop down box).  Where does imagex.exe need to be?  I don't have the same problem using imagew.  Any hints/ideas?



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          Benjamin THIEN Specialist

          Hi, imagex.exe is a standalone file, you can place it evrywhere but you have to map drive to the imagex.exe directory via UNC and choose the letter that you just map :


          Example :

          In provisioning you add a action to map drive, you choose a letter (T:/) and point to imagex.exe (\\landesk2\ldmain\osd\) directory, after you do the same to map drive to image file too.




          Hope it will help you.


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            The Map drive and mape share was not needed.  LANDesk does automatically look for imagex.exe on the coreserver.  The path is \\%CORESERVER%\ldlogon\provisioning\windows.


            My actual problem wasn't that imagex wasn't being found it was that I hadn't formatted my partitions before trying to deploy the image.  Your image destination has to be formatted for IMAGEX to work.