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    Provisioning won't logon as Administrator


      I have been trying to use the sample provisioing templates and sysprep xml files. I can everything to work ok except that after the macines images, goes through HII and reboots it says it can't logon as Administrator. If I log it on manually it works fine (runs through the sysprep, installls agent etc). I've been working with support and so far haven't really gotten any help. I've double checked the AdminPass variable is set right, the autologon count in sysprep is set. Any ideas or has anyone else had this problem? We currently use ghost and landesk to re-image all our computers but we'd rather really just use one product. I really don't want to go around and logon hundreds of computers to the admin account manually...




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          Gjstewart Specialist

          You should be all set with the auto logon - have you disabled / enabled the local admin account?


          Are you trying to log on with the local admin account?


          I use a domain service account that logs on while provisioning runs.


          And in my years using this if the machine does not logon Provisioning wont continue it times out. So i always add the autologon.