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    Can Appliance Accounts be Backed Up?


      We have had to rebuild our appliance a few times now and each time we are forced with creating the user accounts from scratch instead of getting them from the default configuration backup.  Is there a way to backup the users accounts separately and then do a restore of these accounts if the appliance gets rebuilt in the future?  Certainly this information must be store somewhere on the appliance in a binary file or local DB.


      Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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          Yes, this is possible.  After applying the dbupdate_1, you can back up the users by doing the following:


          1. Open a browser on a workstation & navigate to the Cloud Services Appliance web- page – https://CSA Name or ipaddress/gsb

            (You may see a warning about an untrusted web site depending on the web browser you are using)

          2. Login to the Cloud Services Appliance web page

          3. The CSA web page should be displayed

          4. Go to the System page, and then click on the Back up and restore tab

          5. Click on the Back up Now button

          6. After the system is backed up a new file will show up in the Backup Files list.

          7. Click on Export to export the backup file to the workstation


          This will backup only users for you.

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            Thx LANDdate.  Will test that out.  Not sure if dbupdate_1 has been applied yet or not so I'll check into it.