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    User drop down list on Request object that filters out either the "created by user" or "current user"

    jasoncadman Expert

      Hi Everyone


      I'm struggling with this and drawing a blank


      I'm trying to filter out either the Current User or the Request Created By user from an End User drop down list on the Request object and a Request window. I can't seem to find a place to put the filter though


      I've tried so far:


      1) Setting a Filter on the relationship on Object Designer with the Filter Selector. No joy here as this is the user object and i can't pick criteria not equal to the     Create User or the Curretn User at the user level

      2) Setting a Query/Filter on the attribute properties on the Request window. Same problem as above

      3) I also attempted the calculation method and wanted to try to filter out the Request Created By user or the GetCurrentUserName from the End User list but i'm not even sure where to start with that one!


      Any help appreciated