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    Change auto assign analyst when on vacation



      Need any suggestion for my case. In process  designer, I have an auto-assign only to Group Manager (analyst) that on the process need this manager's approval or some action that only can execute by this manager (Set in Role privelege). The case is, if this Group Manager want to take a vacation, and he want to delegate his task to another analyst in his group, I (as administrator) must manually exchange the Group Manager, and give the analyst the same Role with the Group Managers.


      But I think, this way really annoying. So, any suggestion for this case? For example exchange analyst directly by Group Manager and if available we can set how many days the Group Manager want to take vacation so after vacation the analyst automatic exchange to Group Manager.




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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          Hi Tuti


          I dealt with this by having a Nominated Deputy on each analyst, as well as an Out of Office boolean.  If the Out of Office is ticked, then the approval goes to the deputy.


          only thing is that the Out of Office needs to be switched on and off as people return.


          But you could automate that a bit by having an Out Of Office Return Date and a Scheduled Action which unselects the Ouf of Office on the morning of the return date.

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            We had this exact same issue with only having certain people being allowed to approve things.  We assigned 2 people to each role, a primary person to do the approvals and a backup person that does it only when the other is out.  If the backup person approves something, process could send the primary an e-mail saying the backup approved.  People get sick, emergencies come up, conferences, vacations, Dr appointments, dentist appointments, golf, kids, family, etc etc etc.  Both primary and backup get an e-mail announcement and in the e-mail it tells the backup not to approve unless the primary is out.  This has worked well for us.

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              Hi Elizabeth,

              Thanks for your idea.


              Hi CSimpson,

              I interest with your idea. How to know that the primary person is out of office? Do you use a boolean thick or antoher way?




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                Both users always have the ability to approve.  The approvers are high enough in the organization that they know when the other is out.  In reality, because of e-mail and tablets, even when the main person is out, they still do the approvals.  But it's nice having the second person as there is always the ability to have the secondary person approve if needed.  The problem with trying to force only one person is that things often aren't clear cut.  You can't say just vacation because they might be at work but busy with a vendor or customer full time.  Their working but not available and their attention is not on approvals.  Instead of "on vacation" it should be "I don't feel like doing approvals now".  That can change hour by hour or day by day depending on what they have going on.  So to have a second person available 100% of the time is nice.  They will know when the other person won't be doing approvals so it has never been an issue.  Often if something major needs approval, they have already discussed the issue anyway's so it's just a rubber stamp of approval.


                You can start with an automated approach, but chances are good you end up giving both access all the time as it's just a pain doing it the other way.