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    SelfService custom login dashboard: HTTP 403 Forbidden




      I'm implenting LANDesk ServiceDesk Suite 7.6 pilot. I´m trying to set a custom login page for the SelfService Portal.


      The current URL for the Self Service Portal login page is: http://localhost/ServiceDesk.WebAccess/ss/


      I open the WebDesk as SA and go to system preferences.


      In the Anonymous user group I set SelfServiceGuest user as the user, and Public Noticeboard as the Default Dashboard.


      From that moment, if I open the SS URL it gives me a HTTP 403 Forbidden error.


      Even if I revert the Anonymous user settings, the error remains.


      If I browse http://localhost/ServiceDesk.WebAccess/ss/Logon/Logon.rails it works.



      It seems that anyhow the Anonymous user configuration messes up with the default page or something like that, as in the original environment (before touching the Anonymous user settings) the http://localhost/ServiceDesk.WebAccess/ss/ URL redirects you automatically to http://localhost/ServiceDesk.WebAccess/ss/Logon/Logon.rails


      Final outcome is that if I try to set up a logon dashboard:

      1. I don't get the expected result to work.

      2. I cannot revert to original status.


      Any help/hint on this? Has anybody experienced it and solved?