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    Searching for matching connections windows wait indefinitevely

    mercuzio Apprentice

      Hi all, on the new version of Cloud Appliance (appliance updated to the last release, or new Virtula appliance) i noted a change:


      -Opening RCviewer via Gateway it asks credentials for gateway (i heard that in the last gateway version this was removed, finally! but it seems it was only a rumor); when it tries to cennect to remote client it starts windows "Searching for matching connections" with a progress bar that never stops; it's right that it happens if remote client is not available but it continues to searching untill you click cancel;

      This introduces further delay on the RControl process to remote client over wan, is it not a long process yet ??


      I would suggest LANDesk to suppress credential requests for Gateway and to make it show up directly connections table; i mean that is what i expected from new version.


      Anyone noted this?