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    Help needed with adding a static route to the LDMG ISO 8.7




      I need help with adding a static route to my LDMG 8.7 ISO installation.


      I read the how-to on this forum, but the outcome isn't what I wanted to be. Our network administrator gave me the command to add the appropriate route:


      route add –net gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


      When I give the "route" command I get this (second line):


      Kernel IP routing table

      Destination     Gateway              Genmask           Flags     Metric     Ref     Use     Iface      *                    U           0            0        0         eth0

      default            xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx                UG        0            0        0         eth0


      Now I try to edit the /etc/init.d/network file. The how-to says to add a line in the "Start" section. I don't seem to find the right "Start" setting. Which one do I need?


      I have a "# Start all network interfaces" which has a ;;-line.

      I have a "$ start" at the end of the file which has a ;;-line.


      Furthermore, the syntax in the example in the how-to is "ip route add dev eth0 via". Taking the command line I got from my network admin, is this the right syntax for to suite my needs? If so, which IP goes where?


      Sorry about these questions, but my Linux knowledge is limited and I'm expected to get this to work.


      Thanks in advance.