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    LANDesk 8.8 Alerts?



      Hello everyone,






      could any one guide me to setup the alerts in LANDesk version 8.8 and also enlist required settings on coreserver to trigger alert actions.



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      Irfan H. Panhwar






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          In the win32 console go to the tools>Configuration>alerting



          Click th New Alerts



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            Hi, i think you should consider two cases: (1)LDMS device without system manager client and (2)LDMS device with system manager client or LDSM(Server Manager) device.



            (1) You can monitor only Inventory Attribute changes in DB configuring Inventory History, go in console32 and under configure menu in the status -bar.



            Here you can choocse which attribute you need to monitor and associate an event http://nventory History Panle, Event Viewer, Alerting Management System (look Alertings in 8.8)



            If you choose Alertings (AMS) because you want to generate an alert on an attribute change choose "Core Alert Ruleset" and associate an action to the Alert  "Inventory Server -Attribute Modified".  To create an action and alert follow the Help On Line it's very clear.



            (2)With system manager client  or server manager client installed, you need to create an Alert Ruleset to deploy; the agent cleint configuration has a default alert ruleset that  you can modify but you also can substitute or add a "new alert ruleset". The steps to follow are well explained in the help on line.



            Create an action, create an alert , create timeset to compose your Ruleset then deploy it to device you want to monitor.



            Hope it's helpfull, Regards Roberto Sacco



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