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    Unable to deploy an image using provisioning template.




      I'm trying to deploy an image for the first time in our LANDesk 9.5 environment using provisioning templates, everything runs smoothly until I get to the deploy task which fails every time.  Having looked in the ldprovisioning.log which in turn has pointed me to the maptopreferredhandler.log the error seems to be cause by the task failing to map to the location the image is stored:


      maptopreferredhandler.exe:*******Mapping to: \\server01\d$\images\image01.img

      maptopreferredhandler.exe:Drive letter - f

      maptopreferredhandler.exe:Attempt preferred server

      maptopreferredhandler.exe:Could not map or unmap drive. Error code: 86

      maptopreferredhandler.exe:*******Unmapping drive

      maptopreferredhandler.exe:Drive letter = f

      maptopreferredhandler.exe:Could not map or unmap drive. Error code: 2250

      maptopreferredhandler.exe:End of UnMap Drive.


      I thought the issue may be caused by the account on our preferred server being unable to UNC to the server, however I was able to map a drive manually from the Win PE to the server using the account.  To further complicate matters the credentials test for UNC on the preferred server for the same account fails (I have re-entered the password).


      Any help greatly appreciated.