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    Unable to perform "View in Web Access" in Window Manager 7.5


      I have a window visible in the design console window manager that I want to be able to view in web access.


      Every time I try it simply throws up an integrated logon failure



      I have spent quite some time getting the integrated logon to work outside of the console. The situation was complicated somewhat because I am running the console in a remote session on the server using different credentials (higher rights to logon to the server) than I run the console with. I believe I have resolved this by adding my remote logon userid as an analyst within LDSD and creating a network id for it.


      I am thus now using the same userid for remote logon to the server and connection to the design console so there should be no confusion over which user context anything is running under.


      I believe there is not a problem with the integrated logon web site because outside of the console I can run Internet Explorer (IE8) and successfully browse to both my integrated logon site and explicit logon site. The former automatically connecting and presenting the dashboard whilst the latter asks for username and password before displaying the dashboard.


      I have attempted to set up redirection to the explicit site as described in this article http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-23342 but this has made no difference.