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    Prefferred server format change with SP2




      I've installed a new Core Server with 9.5 SP2


      I try all the things i'm using with by Landesk 9.5 Production Server and i've problem with provisionning.


      I deploy MDT masters with Landesk and i need to change some configurations files to point to the preferred server instead of the core.


      I was using Replaceprefserv.exe to make these changes.


      It seems that the format in preferredservers.dat has change (there's now a "Null" characater at the end).


      So now, by configuration files aren't correct.


      Is someone has encountered this problem or have a solution.


      I think that tool was wrote by Landesk, it' was by previous integrator that give it to me.


      I've the source code of the éxécutable, but it's a little bit complicate for me to do changes in it.