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Hi   am trying to sync some AD users into IVANTI   while configuring LDAP Settings i can see the list of users on their respective OU's   But on clicking sync, it doesnt't import this users  … (Show more)
i have a question , after implement the Survey and move it to production Our Customer have requested to make all questions mandatory But the issue is i have around 350  survey submitted with… (Show more)
Environment Manager introduced Windows 10 OS support with EM 8.6 SP2 & Windows Server 2016 OS Support with EM 10.1, however as both OS's continue to receive Feature Updates periodically this page…
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Is there a way to stop fields on forms from auto-populating based on previous inputs? I am not referring to initialization or editing rules that are meant to populate fields.   Users are finding… (Show more)
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Hallo, DSM und Azure AD gute Idee? Wie gut wird es unterstützt? Kann man eigentlich ein Computerobjekt gleichzeitig in einem regulären AD und in einem Azure AD sinnvoll verwalten? Stichpunkte eine… (Show more)
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With a large number of records in a list it is not possible to scroll the way down,  the scrolling stops after and get stuck, not loading all the records in the list. Eve though the Default Records… (Show more)
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We are using an LPM workflow to create AD Users using a Powershell Script. We have exit codes in the script to return if the script was successful or unsuccessful   In the LPM workflow we have a… (Show more)