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Hallo Zusammen,   wir haben immer noch das Problem, dass viele Patch-Policy-Instanzen nach der Installation auf Status "Reinstallation" gehen, obwohl sie installiert wurden. Nach dem Neustart und… (Show more)
hello ,   i have a case that some incidents and its a minor number , that dose not run the response and resolution as   the clocks no even started what may cause this ?
Using Service Manager 2018.1 (on premise)   I have a .csv file that comes to me from our HR system daily which includes updates to location, managers (firstname.surname format) , phone numbers and… (Show more)
Hello Community   I’m having a lot of difficulty with LanDesk as of lately.  Anytime there is idle activity, the page won’t allow me to go to the Home page to sign back in. I’m literally having to… (Show more)
I have a .csv file automatically placed in our production D:\ each day and I'm hoping to get HEAT (Service Manager 2018.1 [on premise]) to read from it and update values in the #Employee table but at… (Show more)
We would like to make use of a html template to improve the display of query results.  However, when query results are displayed, the "Headers" specified in the template appear on every row… (Show more)
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Best Known Method to place location information, by gateway, into the LANDesk Database using LANDesk Data Analytics The reason you may want to do this, is to query (based on location) or add location…
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So we used to have the ability to control | Shift and select in windows explorer and upload multiple attachments at once but since our upgrade to 2018.1 (on premise) we seem to have lost this… (Show more)
Hi,   I add 2 drop down list in design request form and get values from pick lists with validation constraints. However, I want to show the first value of the second drop down list as default value… (Show more)
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Ivanti Service Manager Purpose Below is a list of highly recommended "White Papers" and “Community Documents” for use with Ivanti Service Manager application. This covers both Cloud Ivanti Service…
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Below is a small piece of our hideously complicated request system.... When a thing needs "Budget Approval" a task is launched , someone  approves or not and the task closes. When this is done in… (Show more)
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