We use the GM email client, not Outlook.  If a record is public then anyone can read the email history sent by any team member.  We see there is a "make private" option that you have to click on for… (Show more)
in GoldMine Premium Edition
We are trying to install GM 2015.1 Premium Edition on a new server.    We are using the gmsetup-2015.1.0.161.exe file.   We are confused on how the installation knows that this is a server… (Show more)
in GoldMine Premium Edition
Good day!  I have a very strange occurrence happening in my database.  On any account where there is information typed in the "Dear" field, it causes GM to autopopulate Xs (well, it's actually x x x… (Show more)
in GoldMine Premium Edition
I've been working with Automated Processes for many years and never came upon this question or thought about it until now.   I have a customer with 4 individual contact sets.  They all use a 5th… (Show more)
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How do I add more fields in the History tab? I've logged out of GM, connected to the server, opened my .ini file in the GM directory, added the field I want to view along with its sequential number… (Show more)
in GoldMine Premium Edition
Looking for information on how to pull an opportunity appointment time out of Goldmine using the XML API?   The developer is having trouble finding it. We have built a custom mobile app that our… (Show more)
in GoldMine
Hello, I currently have version GoldMine 2018.2.0.60339 and every time I synchronize it takes 30 mins or more, is there a way to solve this?
in GoldMine Premium Edition
We need to upgrade Goldmine to the latest version that support password complexity. As a GoldMine Administrator, I writing to understand exactly what needs to be relayed to the end-users when the… (Show more)
in GoldMine Premium Edition
We recently upgraded to the newest edition of Goldmine premium, and when I went to go create a SQL Query - everything is grayed out, I cannot build, or edit or find or anything. I logged in as the… (Show more)
in GoldMine Premium Edition
Only individual files can be linked under the LINK Tab.   I would like the capability to link Folders.   We could really use this working in Projects and Opportunities.
in GoldMine Premium Edition
GoldMine PE   Hi, I have a working remote site installations on two PC's both running Win 10. However the installation on my server (Win Server 2008 R2) has for no apparent reason stopped… (Show more)
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