Here is a problem one of my users is running into (her words)....I cannot figure out why or how this is happening:   I’m go into my opportunities through the opportunity tab under the account, and… (Show more)
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I'm the administrator in our office for Goldmine, and recently I did a territory realignment.  After the alignment was completed, there were odd issues coming up that I haven't been able to… (Show more)
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hello community I am with the following problem, I need to configure in the layout, the details of the report the duration of the cases. For example, I would need printed duration, date, time of the… (Show more)
Good afternoon,   I've followed the export instructions to export email addresses for primary/additional client's, but it doesn't export ALL the email addresses we have within a client record. For… (Show more)
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Anyway of searching (Find) text that's in the details of a History record?  I Know I can do a Find on the Reference field.
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I just finished upgrading/moving my goldmine server and I'm a bit confused on how to move the linked docs/emails.  The new server is setup the exact same way as the old - only difference is the… (Show more)
For many years the maximum email count displayed (per folder) was 1000. Has this been "fixed?"
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I have a remote SERVER and GM installed perfectly and can see all data, but the other 2 machines get the "[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied."  error… (Show more)
GoldMine v2018.1.2.15547; GoldMine Web v2018.1.2.15548.   We are able to create a manual link, in the Links tab of GoldMine Desktop, pointing to a folder.  That's something that has been a cool… (Show more)
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I tag all project email with a Project name. When I go to the Project and look at the History tab, the Prev and Next buttons are not operable, which means that I have to open each email individually… (Show more)
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